Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Newcastle 2 v Ulson Hyundia 0: K-League under estimates A-League

In the middle of a busy season Hyundia sent their reserve team. And paid the price. Two great goals from veteran and Newcastle new by Sasha Petrovski. The Korean team dominated the second half but Newcastle's new defensive line up held firm. The Korean team has now lost 2 from 2. Maybe the ACl is, despite the revamp, not their priority. Newcastle will now go for broke.

Is Covic throwing a spanner in the works by heading to Europe? Remember when Ben Kennedy was a new boy and Newcastle's only keeper (season two when Ready went to the Roar)? They could be back to that.


Bill said...

Quite strange that the Korean sides seem to struggle in the ACL these days. A few years ago they were very successful. Do you think that it's just that the likes of Japan & China have lifted their game and now Australia is involved?

john said...

Thanks for your comment Bill

I think either they under-estimated Newcastle, or, because they lost their first home game, they decided to focus on results at home. Or a combination of both.

Even though this team was their reserves, it was probably much better paid than Newcastle. Defence was their hole. The A-League is strong on defence. Perhaps the K-League have less depth in these positions.

In the days before this match Ulsen Hyundai's first team had played Sasa Ognesovski and his new team for 0-0.