Sunday, March 29, 2009

Socceroos - the biggest game in Australian football history?

No. But if the Socceroos win it could go into the top 10 or so. The FFA are absolutely counting on 2010 qualification and the free-to-air exposure and audience to set up the negotiations for the next Socceroos/A-League TV rights deal.

To build the football audience the FFA needs a bigger pool than Australians with free to air. In 2005 the FFA needed the up-front financial commitment. Now it needs the eyeballs.

In 2009, the extra spice will be Gold Coast United and NQ Fury and Robbie Fowler (sorry Jason surely Robbie will be the face of the A-League). In 2010 it must be the mandated free-to-air world cup games.

The only question is will Channel 9, with its rugby league interests slipping, now bid SBS (once the soccer broadcasting service and now the anti-A-League brigade) out of its free line into mainstream households?

Will SBS pay the long run price for its vindictive attack on Frank Farina while he was Socceroo coach?


Anonymous said...

i hope the game is on free-2-air-TV on Wed night - my kids want to watch and we don't have cable - is it on/ which channel??

john said...

Sorry mate all qualifications games are exclusive to Foxtel. Only the actual World Cup is on the 'anti-syphoning' list which means it must be played free-to-air.

Therefore I suggest a night out. It is a fairly early game. 7pm Brisbane time (8pm Sydney time) I suggest you contact your local club. Queensland Lions at Richlands can usually be counted on - they have great food for adults and kids.