Monday, March 30, 2009


The Australian has caught up with the Adelaide United story, with Ray Gatt noting that Bianco Construction Supplies is likely to hand back its license.

On Friday, the Australian Financial Review ran a story on page 3, 'Footy fans defy corporate woes' by John Kehoe which noted that crowds to AFL games had been strong but that corporate clients had been harder to entice. Kehoe also noted that Port Adelaide has asked the AFL for assistance but 'denied suggestions Bianco Construction Supplies will not meet its sponsorship obligations.' Any company investing in Australian sport and the development of our youth, at all skill levels, should be applauded, praised and recognised for the investment they make.

Kehoe also noted that the AFL expects to improve on its gross revenue of $302m. One day the FFA will have that type of problem - a few more World Cups down the track and a free-to-air deal.

Kehoe also noted the Australian Rugby Union posted a surplus of $712,000 for 2008, up from a loss of $8.5m in 2007.

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