Sunday, March 01, 2009

Once more into the breach...

Has Vidmar breached his suspended sentence conditions?

I find it interesting that Frank Farina and Dave Mitchell both got fined this year for making straight forward criticisms of ref decisions. Yet, so far, Aurelio Vidmar has been allowed to bring the whole game into dispute by writing off his club and city, only to get a suspended fine.

Farina got fined, with no suspension, $500 for saying that it was poor refereeing that Cristiano was allowed to come back into play from offside to contribute to Adelaide's 3 points at Lang Park. These two extra points to Adelaide and minus 1 to the Roar proved decisive. The Roar finished 2 points behind Adelaide.

Now Vidmar has critised a referee's decision. He said the decison was wrong. Again his comments made national news (ABC at least). Does that mean the FFA will now exercise his $2,000 fine. Or are they going to sell their choice of Grand Final ref down the river?


Anonymous said...

agreed. the ffa has to support its referees. so what he isnt the best one, we dont have many refs of even breezes quality.

and they have to show a commitment to raising the standards ... be nice to know how they gonna do it though.


john said...

Thanks Clayton san
they said they were going to this year. Brought in a guy from Holland. Didn't work. Should have just hired a Dutch ref and the other refs could have copied his style. Robbie Slater is calling for that (for the final at least).