Monday, March 16, 2009

Memo to FFA: Opening match 09/10 - utilise Robbie Fowler

Well done to NQ fury for signing Robbie Fowler. Now, after a very hard year for A-League clubs to get cut through, the FFA must make the most use of Fowler as a crowd attractor.

The FFA need to emulate NRL's Broncos v NQ 45,000 strong opener, by having the first game of the season Roar v Fury at Lang Park. 

Clearly the penciled in Gold Coast United v Roar @ Skilled Park is a mistake. Gold Coast need to pull their weight. But not in the 1st match.

Robbie Fowler has the potential to pull in the crowds at Australia's best football stadium. Particularly dads showing their kids the guy they used to follow at Liverpool. This is the start that football needs in Queensland. Even the EPL doubters could come along. 

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