Sunday, March 01, 2009

Grand Final: Victory 1 v Adelaide 0

The Roar will feel that if Matthew Breeze had refed the preliminary final, they may have won. He was standing for no thuggery. And good on him. A recon that the Cristiano send off was spot on.

Sooner or later your bad behaviour gets noted and the line ball decisions go against you. He got away with a few earlier in the season. Now he pays. Probably the same with Danny Allsopp.

Great crowd. That showed em. Lucky the final wasn't in Adelaide.

Poor old Adelaide United. Where next for them?


Bill said...

I'm honestly amazed that you would side with Breeze on the most inept refereeing performance since Graham 'Three Yellows' Poll in the Aus-Croatia match. Just about every neutral commentator agrees that that red card was a disgraceful decision.

john said...

Thanks Bill

Whether a decision is fair or not can be best judged on the evidence that the ref has. He only watched the game at full speed.

My view is based on watching Cristiano foul Roar players right in front of me and getting away with it. Refs watch replays - afterwards - of all games, they take mental notes about what players do. Cristiano paid that price. Breeze knew what to expect from him. That is my point.

If there is a send off in dispute it is Allsopp's - I don't believe he nor the assistants saw it. They reacted to Cornthwaite.

In season 2 of the A-League several players were sent off for this type of foul.

I take it that you didn't watch the 'offsiders' on ABC this morning. At least one of the panel thought it was dangerous particularly when seen at full speed, which is all refs have.

Bill said...

Hey John,
I did watch Offsiders. Most panelists disagreed with the ref's call. Dangerous, maybe: but so is plenty of stuff on a football field. Vargas' arms were raised as well.
And yes, Allsopp's send off also seemed ridiculous. It was most likely a square-up - but the damage had already been done.

Anonymous said...

"Sooner or later your bad behaviour gets noted and the line ball decisions go against you."

Except if you're Kevin Muscat! Eg. The stomp on Mullen.

john said...

OK Bill fair call.

Thanks Mr Anonymous. Personally I'd like to see Muscat treated exactly the same as Danny Tiatto. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

"Poor old Adelaide United. Where next for them?" - ummm, after winning 2.8 mill in prize money this year (a guess) I suppose 3 mill in the 2010 ACL, eh... I wish my humiliations would pay so well.