Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wellington Coaches say Bertos not Smeltz

Wellington Coaches have awarded Bertos their player of the season. I agree with them. Wellington had a number of purchase failures this year, particularly Kwasnik. But Bertos' move from Perth was a good one. Shane Smeltz was not even in the top 3. Their scoring started before Smeltz decided to move to the Gold Coast.

I agree with them. The first past the post system in which all A-League players vote after each set of 7 rounds distorts the outcomes and forces focus on goal scorers Smeltz, Miller etc. The clubs' inhouse systems voted by coaches using 3 votes, 2 votes and 1 vote systems are much more aligned to overall input and lead to rewards for playmakers and the most significant contributors.

By the way, this is my 400th post.


wayne said...

I would just like to thank you john on the fantastic effort you have put in to this blog when others like me have petered out when life and its demands have taken precedence to writing on our beloved game. three cheers for you, john san!

Hamish said...

What Wayne said. Cheers John.

john said...

Thanks Wayne - can you go down and find out is happening in Adelaide for me (in joke)

Thanks Hamish - I appreciate your comments - I met an evangelist who is going to SA 2010. Not sure you'd have a great time (he is going to provide the spiritual counseling).