Saturday, February 07, 2009

Adelaide 0 v Melbourne 2: Tiatto strategy backfires

From the kick-off it looked like the OgMan was employing the strategy Adelaide used against the Roar at the end of last season. In his sights was hardman Muscat. The strategy, get some early cheat shots in, fire him up and get him on a card. But Muscat is also smart man and serves revenge cold or gets the ref to - ask John Hutchinson. It almost backfired straight away with Sasa Ognenovski diving in feet first and getting a card in the first few minutes.

As it turned the Victory were too good even with Adelaide dominating possession.

Sasa was lucky to escape a red. And we can see why Pim has encouraged him to go play for Macedonia.


Anonymous said...

dominating possession is such a strange phrase -

it seems to mean having the ball but not knowing what to do with it.

it was an arm wrestle of a game, but mv always looked the better team for mine.


john said...

Yes honourable Clayton san

An arm wrestle