Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vidmar now says it was planned...

If it was, the FFA should through the book at him. His comments have damaged the sport.

However, I doubt it was planned. Adelaide United need a lesson in humility. Something it is now clear that they have not learnt. Sport is not about results at all costs. Collateral damage is not acceptable. Quality role models accept defeat for what it is, they tribute a better team, gracefully concede their weaknesses - leading with their own.

Adelaide may well go on to win from here. If they do football in Australia will be the worse for it. It will not be a fairytale. It would be a victory for someone who has lost sight of their role as a community leader.

The A-League paradise club is closing ranks around him - a good development - anyone remember how Frank Farina was left out to dry after being hounded by SBS?

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