Monday, February 16, 2009

Consentrate Roar it is the Asian Champions League

Adelaide v Roar is much more important than the Grand Final. The winner gets the other ACL spot.

Brisbane awaits its chance to get on the football map.


Bill said...

I think it may take a little while for people to realise, but the importance of qualifying for the ACL can't be underestimated...

Anonymous said...

interesting seeing how the acl impacts on the league and its trophies.

as aussies, we love the chance to measure ourselves against others. i can`t imagine an aussie club just going through the motions for the ACL (compare that with say kashima antlers who focused on their domestic league rather than the acl).

i think the acl has given the premier`s plate added meaning too.


The Round Ball Analyst said...

it's big deal john, esp for queensland, chance to get their for the first time comes with some pressure...intersting to see how they handle it.

Queensland, becuase if its relative proximity, works well with asia.

Ed said...

Go you Roars! I cant wait to see Big clubs come to langpark for the ACL.

Sorry Bill, you had it last time, give us a turn ;)