Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time to Roar

This is another big moment for the Roar as a club.

The disappointments at home at the start of the season, punched through by the 2-4 loss to the Mariners, robbed them of a crowd. Yet on their day the Roar are now up there with Melbourne - the best the A-League has.

The build up for this game has been low key. It is competing directly with cricket - for a game where only Australian crickets demise has made interest in a series against New Zealand.

Still the Roar must shine.

May the threats of violence from John Hutchinson be heard only by the ref.


Bill said...

I'm surprised that the build up is so low-key.. although, if it's anything like the situation in Adelaide, the eggball preseason (not to mention the cricket) would really be starting to dominate the sports pages. Or maybe it's because the Roar just about have the tie in the bag...
Anyway, good luck tonight, I hope there's a good turnout and a good game (and that several Roar players get suspended for the likely matchup against Adelaide next weekend)...

john said...

Thanks Bill - no yellows for the Roar I think.

I think the FFA were keeping their powder dry because of the wet weather forecast.

FFA don't seem to understand game promotion.