Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Become a Roar member

For about $100 bucks a year more on your season ticket you can become a Roar member.

This feels pretty good.

What you also get is lots of opportunities to meet Frank and the players. Some of them are more approachable than others and you need to remember that they are, mostly local, football players.

You get to talk to them after each home game (10 to 11 times per year).
Have one of them sit at your table for lunch each year (about $30 extra).
You get an invite to their Christmas party.
First preference for special games and the end of year event.
Once they get to know you, you can then talk to them before and after games. Maybe even have them recognise your voice when you shout out during a game. (oops)
Plus you get invites to training sessions.

As a fan, I think Frank is brilliant. He is obviously extremely clever. But if, as a fan, you have something to say, he will listen. I have even shared the odd joke with him.

All-in-all the Roar is the most family friendly team in the A-League. Less people take up these opportunities than you'd think, so you get great access. I don't really understand why others don't. Particularly, when you look at how hard it is to get access to other clubs of all codes. The Roar undersells itself as a club.

Some players don't have much to say, and that is fine. Others strike you as having wisdom beyond their years. Plus, if you sit in an open training session you can see how the older guys - who have already been there and done that - coach the youth. It is easy to see why the Roar has the best youth development program (Sydney won the youth league because of the sheer numbers across greater Sydney, but the Roar can get the youth to the big time).

It is a privilege and fun to hear what players have to say. I spoke to Reinaldo after his first trial game, via an interpreter. I have had regular conversations with him and he now has perfect English. His insight into the game from his Brazilian background is phenomenal.

The Roar know they need to do more outreach to the 10s of thousands of kids who play football in winter. I understand they are planning more activities this winter and I hope my team to get to meet them. Most of the kids in my team just don't have access to games and Foxtel.

BTW, I can never understand what Charlie is saying.

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