Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aurelio Vidmar

I watched the major semi-final last night. Then I watched the Fox Sports post match interviews. What I didn't know was that Aurelio had gone further in the after match press conference.

'If someone's not happy with something, they do whatever they can to fracture it. That's what they do. Whether it's jealousy or ego, whatever it is, it certainly smacks of that at our club at this point of time," he said. "Everyone is involved. I am not going to name names, everyone involved with the club is involved very heavily. I couldn't give a damn about my future. This club will never win anything until it gets rid of it.' Fox Sports.
He went further. Saying very negative things about the city of Adelaide.

Sometimes when you push yourself to the limits of your potential, when you start punching outside your weight, you can say and do things you do not mean. Other people's actions, performance in this case of players, and the things they say can sound like an attack. It can feel like the world is against you. Sometimes you need a rest, sometimes more.

I had assumed that Aurelio's comments were part of a strategy to pick his players up. After all the achievements this year, I thought that Adelaide United had proved that they were human, perhaps even a little burned out. Newcastle and its fans would sign-up for a 4-0 loss to Melbourne in the major semi final. And what about Wellington, where was Aurelio's empathy when his side beat them 6-0?

Adelaide need to get over that they lost 0-6 to Melbourne in a final. It just is not that important. Sometimes you win and sometimes you get hammered.

After the week Victoria has been through of course their players are going to be up for it. They and their fans wanted to show their solidarity to bushfire victims. That is bigger than club in-fighting.

Aurelio Vidmar had a chance to coach in the Japanese J-League. He should have taken it. That would have shown how strong the A-League is. Right now Aurelio Vidmar owes Adelaide something bigger than an apology. And I don't mean going back and winning a football match or two.

He also owes the A-League. He has damaged it. Community leaders need to be able to accept losing in a team game.

Aurelio has apologised. However, if there is a conspiracy against him then that needs to come out and be put on the table. The air needs to be cleared.

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