Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adelaide 2 v Newcastle 0 - Newcastle's legs collapse

Newcastle dropped their marquee Zora for this match (all the way out). Then lost Adam and Joel Griffiths to hamstring injuries, Joel's looks bad. I don't see why Joel isn't the lone striker. Anyway it is academic as he looks like he'll be out for 4 or so weeks. Disappointing foreign purchase Hakansson was the last subbed - coach looked cheezed. Then Jason Hoffman, the real lone striker, was down for a long time then hobbled off. So Zora's career has been saved and he'll probably have to start next week.

Adelaide played very well for really tired people. Cristiano scored both goals. The second a mistake by Covic who decided to go for a pinpoint pass in the last few minutes. He put the ball ahead of himself - a little too far, Cristiano saw the opportunity and ran at him. Covic miss-queued the ball into a stretching Cristiano (his arm?) who cruised round him.

As predicted Agostino was dropped and not missed.


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