Monday, September 01, 2008

Where would you rather be?

In 2008, Australian sport has undergone turmoil. Basketball hit the wall with at least 3 teams disappearing. Women's basketball struggled against the rise of trans-tasman netball. CEO John O'Neil declared rugby union financial dead and 'boring'. Rugby league has 'grabbed the table' in its 100th year, with fans and players deserting on mass, and government redirecting money away. Even cricket has started to look doggy as fans desert one day and most test games and freelance Indian companies behind 20-20 buy up to 50% of national squads away from the country v country game (anything other than national cricket lost crowd interest years ago). Even a highly successful Olympic games was criticised for Australia not punching far enough beyond its weight. Only AFL has thrived.

Then we have football. Where would you rather be?

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