Friday, September 12, 2008

Melbourne 1 v Adelaide 0: One for the true believers

Here are 2 names the A-League can do without:

Ney Fabiarno - for violent conduct (which he got away with) and spitting (which he will get around 5 weeks for)

Cristiano - for diving

Adelaide played their game, which is demonstrate physical dominance across the park. They were doing a fair bit of diving up front, particularly Reid but also Cristiano. Just before half time Cristiano went for gold going down after running the ball into the penalty box. Breeze did well not to give the penalty, but given that, must have considered a card for simulation. As Socceroo fans know, simulation is about as bad as fouls get. Unfortunately, Adelaide are unlikely to sanction Cristiano as every bit of their small squad is needed for the peak cross-over in Asian Champions league and A-League.

Melbourne played better after Ney Fabiano was carded. In this case don't be surprised if the Brazilian now disappears. Once he has served what is likely to be a grade 2 or 3 red (could be any number of weeks), I expect Melbourne to be ruthless with him. He will be surplus up front and the opportunity to save money by cutting him should be too great, opening the squad to an opportunity for another young defender or mid-fielder.

Melbourne showed clubs how to play Adelaide, match them pound for pound, body blow for body blow and let the ref worry about who did what. Light-weight players or those on the referees watch list are carded, experienced hard nuts can make it look like an accident or fair play.

Oh and the goal came half way through the 2nd half. Archie showed us Roar fans how to win a penalty against the hard-heads. Shield the ball and keep going - even away from goal. Sooner or later someone will hold onto you. In this case our old friend Sasa. Do we have anyone with the strength to do that?

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Anonymous said...

Fabiano has given Victory another dimension, is a quality player.
So is Cristiano, I'm still trying to understand why he was subbed, and that other deadshit striker left on, you know, the one who simply jumps over people for headers.

Breeze is terrible, he wasn't even looking at Fabiano when his saliva shot through the air. He'll get off.