Sunday, September 28, 2008

Smash: Victory 0 v Roar 2

Don't worry I'll be writting more on this one. Domination pays off for Roar. But only after the subs come on. Mini and Zu score, or mini-max and mini-mini. Told you Tahj had the goods. When does he get to start?

Anyone want to make a comment about the quality of the refing? Hernandez perhaps? As Victory go to 10 again.


Daniel said...

So how many of us need to eat some humble pie? Mind you, I'm only snacking at the sides, as I still note that Van Dijk isn't amongst the goal-scorers. Didn't see the game, so looking forward to your comments.

Neil said...

"Anyone want to make a comment about the quality of the refing?"

Reffing was extremely poor. Hernandez was extremely unlucky to get a second yellow for simulation and Tiatto lucky to stay on the pitch - although they met get him on the video. Also a blatant handball by Qld in the area was missed early on. There was decisions that affected both teams - it was just plain poor. Its a pity that Shields is retiring.

john said...

Thanks Daniel
It looked like it was going to be another frustrating night. I am about to write more.

Neil, gottcha. You are as bad as me mate. Why was Hernandez sent off? It took Williams a while to realise he had even booked him 2 twice (just like the world cup haha). If they review Tiatto, they must review the clash between Muscat and Van Dijk - that was weird. Did Muscat punch him the face? Why did Williams tell Muscat off and allow 'play on'? Weird.

Ed said...

Woooooot :)

Actually thought that Van Dijk and Reinaldo played very well for the first half - I recon Van Dijk needs to get fitter to have an impact for 90 minutes.

Neil said...


Was just giving my comment on the refs for you. We got our tactics all wrong tonight and it cost us the game. Can't really blame the refs for that one. Hernandez's second yellow was for simulation. Didn't see the Muscat, van Djik clash - we don't see replays at the game :( - what are we gonna do riot? Or are they worried booing of the ref sounds bad on the tv.

john said...

I know, I know Neil, couldn't resist that one.

Yes they don't televise replays at Lang Park either - so we just boo the ref anyway.

Ed - yes Van Dijk looke good in the first half. But he you see him in the second? Even Fox wher getting stuck in. Now Tahj and Zullo are scoring I think you'll see more critism of V-D.

Anonymous said...

Van Dijk best effort was taking out Thwaites feet, so that he had to be substituted.

The Ref gave Tiatto a yellow card, withoiut raising the yellow card in his hand....hence calls of "Poll" by the crowd, when Tiatto got his first official yellow.

Nice goals by the younger players

john said...

Ok may have had to have been there for the poll call.