Thursday, September 11, 2008

Uzbekistan 0 v Socceroos 1 - plus launch of Australian Football Weekly

The back story to this game was the illness that swept through the Socceroos before the game leaving quite a depleted squad. But they were up to the task, playing a nice short passing game.

The next talking point will be who the Socceroos play next. Strangely, FIFA allowed the 2-0 win by Qatar playing Iraq with an unregistered player to stand. Unless something weird happens the International Court of Sport Arbitration will reverse this and find against Qatar. Meaning that Iraq would be promoted to the next round and the Uzbeks would get a new chance. Or would Qatar drop out making our group just 4 playing for 2.25 spots? Then again a decision in favour of Qatar wouldn't be that weird, no just unfair to the Iraqis. Anyway, nationalising players so your small but rich country qualifies for the world cup is one thing, but playing them before the paperwork is finished is another. FIFA say they want to stop these 'buying player' practices, but of course at the moment Qatar - with its quasi-South American team - looks like getting through. Players who missed the Socceroo games - don't forget it was the points that the Socceroos won against Qatar helped us get through to this round - are now ft and available. And the unregistered Emmison is long gone.

Australian Football Weekly was launched today. At $5 an easy buy even against the $8 for the monthly Four Four Two. Football news just becomes old hat too quickly - which is why 442 went to the net with constant updates. Anyway, AFW is the match day Full 90 expanded. In season one I bought Full 90 at every home game, but realised I would only ever get half the issues (no away weeks) - so my collecting bug was dissatisfied. And there wasn't enough new news to keep buying it. This year it has been re-launched with - I think - a new publisher. It will be interesting to see sales and story quality. Good idea people, maybe a few seasons too late.

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