Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'The Find Out': Salads Salads... and those Broncos

Had a great laugh as the Roar got fantastic coverage on ABCTV. Apart from the goals, there was a grab of Charlie talking about the Perth fans yelling out 'salads, salads.'

The Broncos have stuffed up the Roar's next home game - well it was the Warriors beating the Storm putting the Storm into Brisbane on Saturday and taking the top off the Roar crowd. The Roar have the mis-fortune to be in the home town of the only rugby league team able to pull crowds over 30,000. However, the Broncos including their captain have - in one night on the town led all their sponsors to reconsider their investment. Watch this space. The Roar and the Broncos already share WOW Sight and Sound and The Coffee Club, maybe this will tempt NRMA over too.

News: I just before I started this Adelaide via Travis Dodd had shocked Japan's top team the Antlers by scoring first. But now I see its 1-1...

What we found out last week:

Find out 1 - the Roar: Sergio V-D is a great number 10, a play-maker, against a defence that does not muscle him off the ball. He creates space off the ball through timely movement and on the ball via tricks and flicks. I am still not convinced of his ability to shoot, win balls in the air and win games for the Roar against the top end of the table. The Roar defence had some hiccups against Perth but kept a clean sheet.

Find out 2 - Glory: Perth Glory are in real trouble. Their defence is not up to the A-League. Worse than that, the player their team revolves around, 35 year old Amaral, has done a hamstring and will be out for 3 weeks.

Scans today revealed Amaral strained his right hamstring late in Sunday’s match and is now only expected to be sidelined between two or three weeks. It was feared that the Brazilian playmaker could be out of action for six weeks after being carried off in the 73rd minute.
And on Glory's U23s, exciting prospect Nikita Rukavytsya looked like he had had enough by mid way through the 2nd half against the Roar.

Find out 3 - Wellington: They certainly play better at home and their draw to Central Coast, makes the Roar's performance against them look better.

Find out 4 - Central Coast: Well not actually the CCM, just Mark Bosnich. Bosnich put in a good game apparently. But I still think there is a young player out there whose spot he is taking.

The other find outs: Sydney isn't the best team in the league and Aloisi looks at sea (demonstrated by their 0-0 with Newcastle). And Melbourne are now firm favourites to take the title - Yep.

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