Tuesday, January 01, 2008

For your viewing pleasure: CCM 2 v Victory 5

John Aloisi had his best game to-date. But it wasn't enough. CCM's defence has disappeared with Dean Heffernan's (sorry I keep calling him John Hutchinson for those who saw version 1 of this) broken leg.

Melbourne only had 8 shoots and converted 5. This will present a challenge for the Roar next Saturday without hardman Craig Moore. The other 3 chances should have gone in.

Meanwhile, Lawie McKinna is saying he wants his side to be harder. Interesting, they got 4 yellow cards and Paul O'Grady was probably lucky not to get two as his first trip on Archie Thompson was waved play on. Sasho Petrovski is already steamed up and looking a little 'red mist' out of control. In any case, Petrovski had a poor game and was hardly on the ball.

The class of Archie Thompson showed as a play maker and scorer. John Aloisi was also forced to drop back, in attack, to the mid third to create - usually and fruitfully for Mile Jedinak.

The A-League, with all teams now searching for wins, is looking its best yet. And more to come.

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Daniel said...

Heffernan's leg.