Sunday, January 20, 2008

FFA need to cite Travis Dodd

The Roar paid for the FFA's decision to allow its experienced refs to attend a conference.

In the opening 30 minutes that ended the Roar's tittle hopes, Adelaide prodded, provoked and won the inexperienced refs favours. Tiatto's move was unforgivable and he will pay. But Travis Dodd, first with a clear foul for the first goal on McMaster, then with un-carded charges directly into into Roar players' chests, got away with it. As did Jonas Salley and too a lesser extent Angelo Costanzo.

While Adelaide hacked down Michael Zullo and Tahj Minniecon, and held back Reinaldo, first place slipped from the Roar.

Well I wanted a home ground advantage, but not in the last game thanks.


hammer in qld said...

I think this showed the long distance relationship between Vidmar and Kossie. Adelaide knew what they had to do to satisfy Uncle John's wishes. I think the greatest lack of justice was with Bruce Djite's "Dida" theatrics. Clearly Danny was just pulling him and the other players off each other, and he ends up on the ground in tears. Another case of the FFA and Uncle Frank handing the glamour clubs titles on a platter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "Dida" comparison for Djite. Surely if UEFA can suspend Dida for his dive, then the FFA with their trial by video must at least match that. Or is it only Qld that gets their players trialled by video?

Typical southerners, always against us queenslanders