Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Young guns take Frank to the verge of the big time... Asia

Frank Farina has delivered on Brisbane's expectations.

With the Queensland Lions getting the Brisbane franchise over the late Clem Jones' Brisbane Strikers, Miron Bleiberg was always going to get the first shot. And Miron did select an excitement machine that still sets the benchmark for the A-League. But his selections just were not up to the physical requirements. Potentially league changing stars like Zhang, Wedau, Dilevski, Milicic and finally Lynch all failed to live up to their billing. It was the unsung heroes that showed real promise, Murdocca, McKay, later Ogenovski and the young guns Dave Williams and Vidosic. But it wasn't enough for what Miron needed to do. He nearly introduced Robbie Kruse, I watched him standing with Robbie posed ready to go on - Miron sat Robbie back down.

Last season Frank added Damien Mori, but it was still going like a train off the tracks until he relented on his view on Reinaldo (brought him back from the stands) and gave Mori a 4-4-2 strike partner. This season Frank added Moore and Tiatto. But the good work of season two seemed to be coming undone until he unleased Zullo and Kruse. After an initially impact, injury struck Zullo giving Minniecon a starting birth. Wow.

You want more?

Waiting in the wings is another from the Australian under 20 squad, Mitch Nichols from the Gold Coast. Yet to get the starting position that seems to define the release of energy that catapults youth potential into a goal making and goal scoring stars, Mitch nearing got his opening goal forcing a full stretch save from Bolton on Saturday.

If one of these youngsters, Minniecon, Kruse, Zullo, Nichols, get the chance to reach their potential on Sunday - the Roar will go to a fully funded Asia next year - and give a whole new range of talent the motivation to fight for the right to sign up here in Queensland.

And Frank will be back at the top where he surely belongs.


Hamish said...

Hey John. Just want to say I'm enjoying your prolific blogging this week. All good stuff. It's all just a bit too exciting.

Anonymous said...

here`s hoping they click on the day -

reinaldo back is a big plus too.


wayne said...

Áll the best lads on the weekend, i suspect you may have the premiership but it will go down to Sunday, so its in your kids' hands now.

Nevertheless, a GF at your place or ours would suit me, but I can't expect too much at the moment, Im still babbling on the analyst's couch blaming my mother for our bipolar defence.....Im enjoying your prolific streak as well John.