Sunday, December 30, 2007

A-League: Perth 1 v Roar 4: Welcome to Tahj Minniecon's world

And Newcastle 2 v Wellington 3 - a table favour to Adelaide and Sydney.

I must say when Tahj has come on in previous games he has looked a little nervous and hasn't been able to achieve much. But tonight, while Perth were making sure that Robbie Kruse was marked tightly, Tahj set up 3 of the Roar's 4 goals. Including scoring a cracker himself.

Perth dominated the first 30 minutes. Coach Mitchell had promised that the next 3 home games would be attacking and would prove how good his side was. They looked good in all but the final third. Queenslander James Downey again had a great game setting up, from runs down the right, crosses into the box, that in-form strikers would have eaten. Perth's marksmen ended the game looking hungry.

Perth's fans wasted their energy booing their own captain Simon Colosimo who said after the game that 'nothing is official' about his move to Sydney FC next year. Clearly he has had enough. Early in the season he would complain bitterly about his team in the post game interview - a feat that few others in the A-League could expect to survive. In his case, it seems to have won him a birth in Sydney. Bad move Sydney. Don't do it. It is bad for business pinching other team's players - haven't you learnt that yet? As for Perth fans, take a cue from Roar fans - they knew Brosque - the player rescued from the sidelines of nowhere Europe was going to Sydney from halfway through season one, but they didn't boo until he was actually in a white and blue shirt (away) - and he hasn't bettered his form from those last Roar games.

Once the Roar had soaked up the first half hour, Perth's defence looked weak against the Roar's power drives - first Tahj to Robbie, then Tahj (Foxe) to Reinaldo, then immediately after Nick Rizzo had got one back for Perth - Tando (under no pressure) gave a poor throw to Downey that a pressing Tahj picked up on - bam.

The Roar's forth was a Josh McCloughan special - while Hayden Foxe had his hands around Sasa on the goal line - he left Josh free to head the ball in. Foxe hasn't been a success for Perth - injured in his first practice and since he has been fit he has looked very outclassed as a defender in the A-League.

A final word about Craig Moore. What a silly foul to get himself suspended next week. Why elbow someone after the ball has gone?


The Round Ball Analyst said...

not the greatest game john or the greatest roar performance, but ultimately they were clinical in front of goal, not something you always associate with plenty of positives there..

Minnicon's goal was a Downey-Velaphi gift, but the kid looks ok...Thought Kruse, Reinaldo and Minnicon took their chances clinically...

john said...

I'm so happy though Tony
That is 2 goals from 2 games for Reinaldo
Robbie Kruse gets upset if he doesn't score every game
Gotta love it.

And Zullo is back next week against Melbourne - maybe.

Anonymous said...

hi from japan,

clayton here again,

i caught the highlights on youtube, and just wanted to ask some questions about minniecon.

where was he lining up? wide left? more centrally? what do you think are his strengths? he looks short and stocky - i am guessing he isn`t an out and out speedster.

sasho missed out on the first training camp ... who else do you think was worthy of a look but missed out (across the aleague)



ps. started playing social grade soccer in japan. nearly nobody plays sports in japan on grass. we play on dirt fields. handles nice enough, but no-one is gonna try a slide tackle... i think.