Friday, January 18, 2008

Does anyone need reminding? The biggest A-League round ever followed by the biggest A-League Round ever...

Last weekend was a record. More people watched the A-League live than ever before. Probably, more people watched the football across a wider geographic region in Australia than ever before - Perth to Melbourne to Brisbane.

This week there is ever more at stake with all teams on 31 points.

Come on Sydney fans get out there and watch your team!

All 4 teams have 31 points but Roar leads on goal difference. The top team only goes to Asia Cup next year - with the team that wins the Premiership. Next year the Asian Confederation will fully fund teams, meaning there is a motza to be made from TV sales and gate take. Therefore, finishing first this week is more important than the results of the finals until the last game. So for all 4 teams this is the game. For the Roar this is their biggest game ever. If the Roar beat Adelaide, they will finish first. A draw or a loss may not be enough... If the Roar win, the future of the club is sown up.

Next year, if Gold Coast and Townsville enter the A-League, this time of year could be even bigger...

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