Friday, January 18, 2008

Be careful what you might wish for: Newcastle 2 v Perth 1

I wished for referees that were swayed by home fans. Unfortunately, Michael Hester was.

Actually this is a mistake. All of Australia's experienced A-League refs have been forced to a compulsory clinic in Malaysia or are injured. This should have led to a protest by the FFA or a postponement of the round. The story is here.

Instead the 4 most important games of the A-League this year, and for some clubs like the Roar, the most important games ever in their history, are going to be refereed by totally inexperienced refs.

One A-League game ref, Hester sent a Perth player (Nick Rizzo) off on the half hour. He was going to give him a yellow card (he had it out and was moving to Rizzo) - but changed his mind when the crowd turned on him and the Jets players turned on Rizzo. Amateur hour! Particularly when so much was riding on this match for 3 other teams and with Perth trying not to come last.

Inexperience favours the home team as the ref is trying not to make basic mistakes so hard that the crowd can influence and cause them.

Look what the FFA said about this:

'Football Federation Australia referees manager Richard Lorenc admitted the Kuala Lumpur camp timing was unfortunate, but said it presented a great chance for four other whistleblowers.'
Marco Monteverde, Courier Mail online, January 17, 2008 11:00pm

They should give these people experience in the pre-season not in the most important round.

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