Friday, January 25, 2008

FFA need to cite Iain Fyfe for taking out Zullo (the Roar are back!)

Off the ball. Deliberately - or 'cleverly' as described by Foxtel, Fyfe took out Zullo with an elbow charge on around 25 minutes. Foxtel have the footage and the foul is clear. More calculating than Tiatto's jab last week. Fyfe must be banned.

In the first half, the Roar tanked Sydney FC. Kruse, Reinaldo, Zullo, Ognenovski (dead ball) and Marcinho (deadball and several shots) all had goal scoring opportunities.

Sydney's single strategy in the first half, executed by Talay, Milligan, Fyfe and Renaud was to take out Zullo and Kruse. These Sydney defenders all had lucky escapes to be still playing in the finals series. If the FFA does its job, Fyfe will not be. The new Tiatto rule from round one needs to be applied!

The second half was more even. The standout event was the choking of Alex Brosque - 3 times in front of goal. And the incredible performance of Griffin McMaster, untroubled in the first half, he and Craig Moore saved the Roar in the second.

The pressure is now on Sydney. Choking and spluttering to Queensland in two weeks - after a week of Kosmina's sky blue talk...

The Roar are back...


Neil said...

I'm a little concerned that every week you seem to be advocating the citing of opposition players. What you should be more concerned about is the fact that the Roar have gone 3 matches without scoring a goal. That's over over four and a half hours of football without finding the back of the net.
Good luck for the game in two weeks. Hopefully you show the people of Sydney what a real crowd looks like.

john said...

Ah but Neil report today are that he has been cited.

An aging Sydney defence used violence last night to stop the Roar. And last week Adelaide's strategy was to dive around the Roar and milk the inexperienced ref. It just wasn't in the spirit of the game.