Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marcinho, Marcinho, MARCINHO, Marcinho

Márcio Luiz Adurens came to the Roar with great expectations from the club, fans and for himself. Clearly he had been sold as a classic 'I am the man' playmaker. According to Wikipedia has has played alongside Kaka and Julio Baptista and scored goals in finals. He was to be the type of player that every A-League club, particularly the Roar, has been searching out. A Nicky Carle (ex Newcastle Jets and now signed to leading English CC Championship club Bristle City).

This is what the Roar site says about him:
Touted as the most unpredictable and skilled player ever to grace Roar’s books, big things are expected from the Brazilian midfielder this season. With an assured touch, enviable freekick and plenty of tricks sure to be pulled out of the bag, he should be exciting to watch.

The initial reality proved different. He was given lots of game time at the start of the season for limited results. And while other Brazilians like Cassio at Adelaide and Daniel and Felipe with Wellington were making the plays, Marcinho was not coming up with the goods. At one stage he had the most attempts on goal in the A-League and all were unsuccessful. Writing in the Sunday Mail, Miron Bleiberg pointed out that Marcinho wanted to score himself. We all knew it was true.

Marcinho was relegated to the bench. The Roar 'discovered' Kruse and Zullo and the season looked up. Marcinho came on in round 12 against New Zealand at nil all and set the game alight. Suddenly he was all energy, making all the plays and goal scoring opportunities. He was badly injured on the shoulder and still managed to score a cracker of a goal with one arm handing limp at his side - there was no way he was coming off - he raced over to the Roar fans on the western side and high five-d all of the kids in the front row.

He is a confidence based player, quiet off the field, with limited English.

He missed games as a result of his shoulder injury and remains a bench player, but whenever he comes on he sets the game alight, often when it looks there is no one else with an idea on how to score.

This week against Sydney Simon Lynch was given his chance. He failed to take it and rarely troubled the keeper. Marcinho came on with 23 minutes left and pounded the goal-mouth. There wasn't enough time, he had to rush and his team-mates were drained by the heat and humidity. But Marcinho has earned his spot. The week before a Melbourne fan asked me after Marcinho had come on and created space and a goal, 'Why isn't he starting?'

In my view, Simon Lynch has been given his chance and could not create, with Reinaldo back, he needs to make way (Simon is expected to play for Gold Coast Galaxy next season). Finding Marcinho a starting spot is a must in a must win game against Adelaide - to take the Roar to Asia.


Hamish said...

Yes, yes... we just need someone to explain to the Roar's Brazilians that, although they're in Australia, when it comes to soccer we still kick the ball under the bar for a goal.

The Round Ball Analyst said...

John, well constructed arguement and an excellent summary of his season.

However, i think structurally he struggles to fit into Farina's current shape.

The Roar's success has come since Farina went with two arrows - in attack a central striker and two slightly withdrawn wingers (north-bound arrow) and in midfield a holder (mclaren or tiatto) and two slighty advanced buzzers either side (south-bound arrow). It works, and I think Msrcinho struggles to fit in the midfield and struggles to fit in the attack.

If you're alluding to the fact he should have started ahead of Lynch in the most recent game, I think that's a very solid argument - Lynch is very average. But with Reinaldo back, there is no argument for Marcinho to play in the striker role.

Farina did give him a couple of games on the left side of the front three after Zullo's injury (you might remember), but he struggled there because he always wanted to drift infield. farina lost patience and benched him.

Sadly, he doesnt fit into the current midfield structure becasue McKay and Murdocca compliment the holder. Marcinho is more an advanced midfielder than those two and wants to do less of the defensive work, so vital to the Roar structure.

As an impact player he has been dynamite, and I think it's always good to have such a weapon in reserve.

john said...

Fair points to Hamish and Tony