Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who is king of Asian football? Australia or Japan?


Anonymous said...

if we are talking performances, then korea might have something to say about that.

if we are talking club game crowds, then iran would have something to say about that too.

i think we won`t know till the world cup.

last man standing gets the crown.


john said...

Clayton san

Iran and Korea have a fair bit of ground to claw back.

Korea's best performance has been when they had the World Cup at home.

TSP said...


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Anonymous said...

but what a performance! seems unfair to point out that they were at home. nobody knocks england or france for winning it at home, do they?

i mentioned korea because they qualified with two games to go - like us, but from, IMHO, the harder group.

same result, but from the tougher group. that puts them ahead by a nose for mine.

i mentioned iran because their club competition seems so vibrant - the highest ACL crowd ever was 95,000 in iran. that is for a comp that has received so much apathy in other parts of asia (including australia). iran is a football country. its a bit like how NZ is a rugby country, while we aren`t. we might be kinda good at it, but the public doesn`t really care.

did i ever mention i like disagreeing with people?