Thursday, June 18, 2009

Socceroos 2 v Japan 1 - Carle the magnificent

OK so Tim Cahill popped up and scored 2 brilliant goals. But it was Carle who was magnificent and clearly wasted in the biff of the English championship (although he also showed he has learnt a bit of that).

And the game was it slow? No way. We need to get over this idea than anything less than end-to-end is dull. It just is not going to happen. These games are about seeing your idols, superstars and larger than life characters. And the up-and-comers. What more could you want? The lows of going behind. The highs of equalising with a great header. The adrenalin rush of going ahead. And then clawing the seat as your team hangs on to win. And go top of the group by 5 points with no losses and only 2 draws. One goal against. No this is as good as it gets for any sport.

And the dead bed throws of rugby league and the quaint local customer of AFL needs to be reminded of that. Oh and when did Australian union teams last look competitive.

And lastly. Further Roar and Brisbane boy Dario Vidousic got his first 7 minutes. A few straight passes and no mistakes. All good.

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