Sunday, June 28, 2009

Van Egmiond quits Newcastle for AIS

Van Egmond has had great success with Newcastle despite the loss to Pohang last week. It could be argued that he took the poor player selections of others and molded a highly successful club.

However, last season his frustration was clear. And quite a different team was fielded for the ACL after poor results in the A-League.

On the one hand perhaps this paves the way for Van Egmond to go onto Socceroo coaching staff (he will be U17 coach). But realistically it again draws question marks over the way Newcastle is run.

Dutchy we will miss you. You brought some great young players to the A-League.

Branco Culina gets another shot?


Anonymous said...

FFA taps up a-league coach?

a-league coach ends contract early in order to join FFA?

its a strange one this, a coaches contract doesn`t mean much, so many never reach their expiry so you can`t blame dutchy for cutting his short ...

but something seems a bit strange for the AIS to take someone who was gainfully employed in the a-league as a head coach ...


john said...

Thanks Clayton

there is obviously more to the story. A local Newcastle paper is reporting anger from Con Constantine. Perhaps reaping what they sow?