Monday, June 22, 2009


For a none story this has had quite a life. Tim didn't help himself by ignoring the questions of the Socceroos major sponsor - FoxTel - after the Japan game. Then Mark Bosnich made matters worse by claiming solidarity with Tim for being betrayed by someone close to him. Then there was a supposed email from a Socceroo of 10 years - yeah right, just had to send it to loser NRL journo HQ eh?

Then today, Ray Gatt in The Australian - where did your common sense go? With your predictions of a split in the Socceroo's camp right up to the World Cup. Do you really believe that?

My summation, in the next few weeks this will be forgotten. The after-taste will be the continuing decay of rugby league and its journalism.


Anonymous said...


"....the continuing decay of rugby league...."

increased viewing figures for pay tv, increased gates, despite all the negative press this season...doesnt look like the decay knows where to start.

Anonymous said...

The crowd figures are made up in league or rarely shown. You only have to watch it to see they are lying when it comes to game numbers. The Telgraph in Sydney even ran a story last year when they sent their journalists, in inverted commas, out to ANZ to count the numbers and then match them up against the published figures. When the disparity was shown the stadium said they included workers in the food stalls, players, and other non-crowd people in their numbers. What a joke. TV ratings may be up but no one goes to the games in any great numbers. If it wasn't for the Broncos and the Cowboys the average crowd in the NRL would be worse than the A-league.