Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Expansion mode

Melbourne Heart is in for 2010-11.

Then the FFA could go with 11 teams. Or one more from:

- Canberra - active campaign for some years. Canberra Arrows is Frank Farina's former team.

- western Sydney - possibly one of the heartlands of football in Australia. Stretching from Blacktown to the Blue Mountains, and stretching from 7 hills to Richmond - a massive potential fan base. One that is not turned on by Sydney FC. Nepean FC? With the back of Harry Kewell, Tim Cahill and Lucas Neill?

- southern Sydney. Read Wollongong Wolves.

- Tasmania - taking sponsorship from under the nose of the AFL. 500,000 population - really a AFL heartland.

Then if someone puts real money on the table, 2 more teams to move to 14 could still happen in 2011-12.

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