Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gold Coast FC up anti

Miron complained bitterly that his hands were tied behind his back by a penny pinching board at the Roar. Forced into a young uncompetitive side.

Miron has excelled at start-up two.

And today he upped the anti, maximising the 9 game guest window by announcing Gold Coast Utd FC are close to signing a world class player, former Celtic, Barcelona and Manchester United striker, 37 year old, Henrik Larsson. Even at this age, he seems to have plenty of goals in him.

Miron has built a team that should fill his home stadium and can win the A-League tittle. No small feat. Through Larsson, Miron can cash in on the Roar's game against Celtic - Larsson played 225 times for Celtic for 174 goals.

Miron has been true to his word signing attacking crowd pleasers across his squad. He is right that the professional game is about entertainment first and winning second. And that it is better to gamble and spend, than try to play financially safe and risk an empty stadium.

Even as a Roar fan it is hard not to see the contrast.


Anonymous said...

this GC team is just loading up so much talent ...

they aren`t interested in being rivals with Brisbane.

there is a team in victoria that they want to knock from their perch.


Ed said...

I cant wait for that first game, it will be huge. Just hope we beat them... It will be interesting to see how GC go, alot will depend on how there players settle in the A-League. I think the Roars stability might give us the edge this season.

Neil said...

In lieu of Clayton's comments. See Kevin Muscat's comments re: Gold Coast.


john said...

Thanks Clayton, Ed and Neil

This is going to be a great year. I like the competition to be close. It would be a shame to be one side particularly as Gold Coast has limits to its potential size as a club. Miron got great exposure in Qld ABC TV news tonight with footage of Larsson scoring some fabulous goals and then coverage of their victory against the Fury.

Brisbane needs to step up and take a risk with a crowd pleaser of the scale of Larsson. With 52,000 seats you must, as Victory have with Hernandes, Muscat and Thompson.

Ed I agree Brisbane have stability - although we are yet to hear it McKay is coming back - he has hinted he may not. And the loss to the Japanese school kids was telling. A loss to Celtic then Gold Coast could be very damaging for crowd numbers this season. The Directors, boasting they don't need the FFA, need to prove it by financing a big name for 9 games.