Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ulsan 0 v Magnificant Jets 1: Newcastle top to bottom

Newcastle - from bottom of A-League to top 16 in Asia.

Very close game. Lots of heading chances for Ulsan but they could not score. Newcastle also had 4-5 other chances.

Fabio was subbed at half time. And no Doony De Groot. And Ljubo subbed in the opening minutes.
While Fabio set up the goal with a great cross, Newcastle looked like an A-League team - rather than a team of ring ins.

And the stars were Matt Thompson and in goal Ben Kennedy (not missing Covic at all).

And of the disgusting performance we saw last night from the Chinese to fake injury and waste time.


Bill said...

Firstly, well done to Ulsan for playing fair. The Korean and Japanese teams are usually good in this respect, unlike their Chinese counterparts.

Secondly, Newcastle looked like a real football team. Playing as a unit. It makes me sad to see Costanzo in their colours though..

Brodie Mooy is getting seriously found out at this level, though. Every time he got the ball he gave it away or fluffed a shot on goal.

Anonymous said...

saw the ccm highlights ... and the synchro diving at the end was pretty hard to believe.

but with the current rules (and their implementation by refs) diving and time wasting are encouraged (imho).

we are finding that in asia opponents can use our size and physicality against us. fair or not. they are playing to win.


john said...

Thanks Bill
Agree on all points. Particularly, I believe players changing teams within the A-League is anti fan. However, it was Adelaide saying that his legs were gone.

Thanks Clayton san
Foxtel - Robbie Slater - said it was the worst they had ever seen. The ref was pushing Chinese players away from him.

By the way, Mark Bridge (Sydney FC) played 60mins for the Chinese.