Sunday, May 17, 2009

Close to the money?

Reading the online Courier Mail today it seems my thoughts on the FFA and Brisbane Roar may be close to the money.

'Roar directors admit they are concerned about supporter backlash following the club's decision to almost double the price of season tickets.

As reported in The Courier-Mail on Thursday, a season ticket holder in the Orange Army section of seating at Suncorp Stadium will have to pay $345 for 14 matches compared with $176 for 10 games last season.

Board member Claude Baradel said the club's directors would discuss the matter.

"We've got to look after our fans - that's the important part," Baradel said. "We're looking at it now."

But Football Federation Australia, which ensured the Roar's future by buying a 51 per cent share in the cash-strapped club, is not likely to budge.

It is understood the FFA felt Roar fans were not being charged enough to watch their team play in the first four seasons of the A-League. online Courier Mail 17 May 2009.
OK. So if it is the FFA driving this price hike surely it isn't because 'the FFA felt Roar fans were not being charged enough to watch their team play in the first four seasons of the A-League.'

How much to other A-League teams charge? Gold Coast is already poaching Roar fans by pointing out they are cheaper. How much do you pay to watch a team that was not competitive for 2 years and has the worst home (and best away) record in the league?

Or do the FFA think it is fair to penalise fans because of the cost of the stadium? After all it was the FFA that determined that the Brisbane team would play at Suncorp - the traditional Brisbane representative team - the one with a fan base to start with - Brisbane Strikers, I understand, were not offering Suncorp as a home and therefore were rejected.

Is the FFA prepared to ignore economic conditions?

What will the FFA do if crowd numbers fall so far that Suncorp is still not economic?

Do they have a plan B?

FFA, do you know what you are doing?

In the medium term, let's call it 2 years, no fans, no 4-3-3.


Archives said...

Appreciating your critical speculations John. Stay on it.

For what it's worth though, I always thought tickets were cheap. Do you know how they compared with prices for other codes?

A Football Story said...

Hey cool blog.I've added you to my list.

I agree about the price hike, it's absurd to charge people that much.


john said...

Thanks Archives - the issue with comparing with other sports is:
1. what is the capacity utilisation for the price - if you aren't breaking even and you aren't getting enough people then price may be should go down not up.
2. AFL at the Gabba features the best AFL players in the world and NRL at Suncorp features the best NRL players in the world. The A-League has a niche in the football world - but it isn't the world best.

The prices for Socceroo tickets may be comparable to NRL and AFL. May be A-League should be compared to the Reds (look at their free list), basketball (now defunct) and state based cricket (Sheffield shield which is probably subsidised).

john said...

Thanks Con I have returned the listing.

Anonymous said...

whether tickets were too cheap or not ...

handling the issue the way they have is insulting to fans. its a shock. and it feels punitive.

this is not how you grow the pie.

one of my favourite video games companies recently did a digital sale where they discounted their "product" by 50% and sales went up by 3000%. that is not a typo. 3000%.

that is how you grow the pie.


john said...

Yes Clayton san

I have a concern that it may not be a chosen strategy option, but perhaps the FFA's only option.

And Brisbane is the market in which a 10x increase (ie instead of going to one game someone comes back for a season) in fan attendance could be possible.

Point 3 (above). is that for fans the reference point is what they paid last year, not what they could have paid to see the Broncos.

Chade said...

Adelaide has been around the $180 mark, not including finals. It's $20 a ticket normally. I don't see how you could charge too much more, considering the price of AFL is $30-35 and it's always a great selling point.

A Football Story said...

Sydney FC just sent me a renewal form. For 14 games. if you sign again early it's $220.

Compared to $345 that is criminal. Do you know if that figure is just a normal membership price?


john said...

Thanks Con
Adult prices
Platinum (half way) - $450 (walk up on day $45 per game)
Orange (near half way) - $395 (walk up $40)
Maroon + Den (behind goal) - $345 (walk $32)
Blue (no seat specified in corner away end) - $275 (walk up $32)

Anonymous said...

this is the same ffa that tried to get perth glory to change its colours recently. they don`t always know what they are doing.

appeciate what they`ve done, but sometimes you gotta wonder.


john said...

Welcome Chade

BTW, the new deal seems designed for Orange Army only. Also a Celtic deal specifically for them.