Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brisbane Roar

New strip out today, made local ABC TV - Sergio and Reinaldo as models. Orange home shirt with maroon shoulder tops. OK, where do I get one.

Lots of interest in the Celtic game. Expect a sell out.

And on that Miron is saying why isn't State Govt paying for Fulham game. Old spinner Miron is missing the point. Which is that the Roar Against Racism is against racism and part of the recognition that Brisbane has to play and fund such a huge stadium. Gold Coast has a ready made cheapy and Gold Coast the region is getting $100m for an AFL stadium. Will Fulham come anyway as Fulham look likely to make Europe?

Rugby Union are looking to have a Gold Coast team in the super 15 - what a joke, there aren't decent Australian union players for 4 teams let alone 5. And why would the Gold Coast support Rugby league, A-League, AFL, basketball and union - is anyone thinking what will happen next?

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john said...

One thing on this. Sergio Van Dijk said he looked the Orange because it reminded him of the Dutch team. I thought the FFA was moving the Roar away from its Dutch routes?