Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Brisbane Roar - and season tickets from Monday

I hope, really hope, that being under FFA management will mean some more commercial marketing. Man, Brisbane is a big city with sophisticated sports fans. To be honest the efforts over the last 4 years need to be surpassed if they are going to link up with fans they have lost - more than any club - and new fans.

I haven't seen the effort yet. Which is a shame.

I hope the FFA drops its poor one-size-fits-all approach and that song pitched at one segment. It must broaden its approach. Show it understands its - very different - market segments. Brisbane is a family town - post punk doesn't work. Post punk on old people's radio never works. Just a hint guys.

OK one more thing. The idea that they are going to reduce the maroon and increase the orange is just plain SILLY. Has any of these people looked at what the Brisbane Broncos and the Brisbane Lions play in? Maroon by the way. A lot of fans don't like the orange.


Bill said...

I have to agree with you here, John. Last time I was in Brisbane I saw absolutely no evidence that the Roar even exist: no kids wearing the shirt around town, no bumper stickers, nothing. Brisbane (almost typed Queensland there) really need to step up their game in terms of community visibility. I disagree though with the idea that people will only support them if they wear more maroon. Orange is your colour.... although I do thing maroon/orange halves (AS Roma style) would look pretty good.

Ed said...

Agree that more hype is required, not sure about broading the appeal - Football fans are football fans, they like the game whatever the music - the A-League just has to apear slick, legitimate and professional. The immage needs to be up to date and cosmopolitan. If we find ouselves wathing the a-league being promoted with a lame reworking of a 20 year old hoodu Gurus song we will know the league is dying.

As for the Orange, I love it - most of the kits produced have been an abomination but Orange is not the problem. Orange is bold and it stands out. Bill is right that you dont see much evidence of Queensland (no - Im not ready to change) Roar support on the streets, but when you do you are sure to notice. If it were maroon it could be any other QLD team.

The A-League should not try to be the NRL, it should try to be the EPL. Glossy, loud, up to date, post punk (in an increadibley materialistic and capitalist way...).

john said...

Thanks Bill
... although I do thing maroon/orange halves (AS Roma style) would look pretty good...

Yes that would be very cool. Would our Dutch masters think of that?

Great to hear from you Ed. When are we getting together at Hamish's shop?

'..should try to be the EPL...' Hmm. I have a blog in my head - the end of corporatism. But I see what you mean.

Hamish said...

"When are we getting together at Hamish's shop?"

New plan to me! Please let me know when so I can make sure I'm there. Sounds cool.

Keep on bloggin' John. Letting you know I'm reading and it's nice to see you keep it going in the off season.

john said...

I now have more readers in the off season than I used in the season - thanks everyone I appreciate that.

Thanks Hamish
I went to your shop the other day and no you weren't there!