Monday, May 04, 2009

Only connect

Having spoken to a few people at FFA I can partly see their problem:
  1. FFA has a lot to do with limited resources (compare them with AFL that has mega dollars but no where near as many kids playing across as many kms).
  2. Some states run their leagues as a closed shop (Robbie Slater complained about this on Tuesday in Fox Sports FC - even implied young players were buying spots in rep teams in NSW before Andy Harper kicked him under the table).
  3. Many staff at FFA are there because of their football expertise. Which is understandable and creates career paths, passes on knowledge etc. But it leaves the FFA well short on other skills like strategic thinking on how to handle young players and how to sell A-League tickets, handling the state agencies and building the marketing franchise.
The major hurdle that the FFA has not been able to achieve for the A-League is connecting with the youngsters, their families and friends and getting them to go to games. That is the only technical challenge that the A-League most pass. They are no near bridging it yet.

It is starting to look like the A-League is limited while Foxtel has exclusive rights to the live games. And while SBS plays this cry baby role pointing out how technically deficient the game is.

Anyway, there is still a lot that can be done now with the franchise that the FFA has and can easily connect with. And yet FFA appear unable to work out how to.

Technical director and skills team? How about Marketing Strategist, Chief Market Researcher, Junior Member Development Manager, New Product Development Manager and A-League Ticket Sales Manager. Opps that would require a chance in governance structure, say more like the AFL where the centre tells the clubs what to do....

The AFL found that financial success led to technical success. Not the other way around.

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