Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Donelison 3 v Kwasnik 2 (Pohang Steelers v CCM - ACL)

Pity these games get so little coverage. CCM played well and the Koreans were very mediocre at home.

The omens were bad. Foxtel lost transmission in the opening minutes and only came back as Donelison smashed home a penalty in the opening minutes. The Korean team's Brazilian was the difference between the two teams - on the scoreboard and in terms of overall performance. Today's Adelaide or Melbourne Victory would have smashed this team.

The amazing story was Kwasnik and why he was subbed after putting the Mariners ahead at around the 60 minute mark. After looking listless for Wellington last season, something that could have reflected the Nik's give the ball to Shane Smeltz approach, Kwasnik showed his ability to carve up a very poor defence. His second goal - a curling free kick from the left touch line - went in because everyone - including Ponhang's very poor keeper miss judged it. MacAlister, on the other hand, looked all at sea in behind Kwasnik and Matt Simon. After MacAlister had his shoulder smashed, Nick Risso came on for a bit of a whizzy run - an effort to extend his contract beyond the ACL.

Oh, and Matt Simon says he is staying for the A-League - one more time.

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