Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Newcastle 2 v Beijing 1: Magnificent

Magnificent. Well no. But a great game.

Newcastle dominated the first half. An under-strength Beijing came back in the second half - and the other brother, Ryan scored against the run of play. Adam Griffith played his last game for Newcastle as a yellow card will keep him out of the last match of this group. And the 3rd brother and new dad Joel watched from the side line. He doesn't look like he will be back in Newcastle soon. But Ryan could be.

The controversies... Petrovski was offside to score. The Refs didn't know what they were doing, particularly on offside. Luijb is a borderline guy. I think more fights at training. Plus he deliberately kicked one of the Chinese players behind play, do FIFA or Asia pick that up? And he had a barge through to set up the last seconds winner for super sub Rooney - what a cracking goal first time from outside the box. Hoffman was everywhere. Pafta looked great. De Goot did not.

And Newcastle only have to draw their last group match and they will be through to the final 16. Whoohoo.

And the game. Fast. End to end. Long balls and keeper kicks everywhere.

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Bill said...

I didn't watch this game but I wish I had. Newcastle are definitely proving me wrong: I thought they'd bomb out and CCM would get through the group stage. It will be an interesting finish to this group: Newy are currently second but either Ulsan or Beijing could clinch that spot on the last match day...