Sunday, November 23, 2008

Roar keeping up with A-League: Michael Branch

I doubt it.

According to Michael Branch's Wikipedia entry, this 30 year old has barely trained for the last 2 years. It is a typical story of a youngster with a lot of promise who has failed to live up to the rigors of EPL, Division 1, Division 2, and, by the look of it, non-league English football. Plus he is a winger - frankly I am happy with our wingers...

If the Roar wants to win back its fans it will need to do better. Unfortunately, it has done its money on Van Dijk.

Finding a player in the league of Fred, Petrovski, Cristaino, Travis Dodd, Fabiano, Dadi, Joel Griffiths, Archie Thompson, Matt Simon... That is to get someone of the standard that is, well standard, for other clubs. Is, for the 10 games remaining (9) ex-today, going to cost the Roar money, serious money.

Dare they?

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