Sunday, November 23, 2008

Roar 4 v Perth 1: Phew, and Wow and 'Give him a contract Frank'

Mitch Nichols that is.

The first forty odd minutes were excruciating. At about the 30th minute the guy next to me had said 'This is the worst they have played'. It was park football. The long ball game and only Perth looked like scoring. Nik R, playing lone striker, had it all over the Roar. De Vere saved us with one brilliantly timed tackle. And Moore would amazed all with his presence. Yet it was Perth who looked like scoring.

Then Van Dijk, who was having a dreadful game (he can't run, he can't jump, he can't beat defenders), got through the Perth defence only to be hit with a studs up challenge... surely a send off and kick just outside the box? No play on. But minutes later Tahj ran straight into the box to the right of the posts - and yes penalty, the Roar's first of the Season at home and only 2nd overall. Miller gets the ball and walks to the spot, but what's this? Van Dijk wrestles it off him 'Do let him Frank' - he scores anyway 'Now we're stuck with him'. Then right on half time Van Dijk is through does he shoot or pass? Either way Tahj gets onto it and slides home a second.

For the first time this year - happy at half time.

Perth come out strongly. 'Come on don't bore us with this sit back stuff.' Then Miller finds space to the right and the ball comes in from the left - first time, volley 'Wow, it's in' Seemed like he hardly hit it. Then Perth hit back hard and split the Roar up 3-1. Lucky they haven't done that all night.

'Sub Van Dijk Frank'. No its Minniecon coming off. Why? At least Mitch Nichols is getting his go. And it isn't that long before he loops one over the defence and in. His first for the club. Great goal. 'Sign him Frank. Give him a contract.' Stop Miron getting him.

Wayne Srhoj takes out Zullo from behind, should have been his second card, but the ref just gives the free kick (Sydney and Newcastle will be cheezed at the leniency) - he has been doing it all night and he keeps Van Dijk out of the game.

Miller wear's Mitch's boots. I wonder if Mitch wears Millers? 4-1.

Then its all Roar. Perth have had enough.

Great game from the u19s - Minniecon, Nichols and De Vere. Great come back Moore.

Ahhh I remember the winning feeling. More of that. More of that.


Cecilia said...

Loved Zullo's performance - any chance I can kidnap him?

Ed Vegas said...

What a strange feeling - a happy Suncorp?? Go the kids!

john said...

Sorry Cecilia Zullo is unavailble for kidnapping.

One to savour Ed.

Hamish said...

Cecilia, you can kidnap him if you, a) move to Brisbane and b) let him out for games. No swoon competition this season?

Anonymous said...

saw the highlights, and was surprised by the crowd`s sound ...

big question is whether we can put that many past a team not named glory.

keep on playing zullo and minniecon and maybe we can


The Round Ball Analyst said...

enjoyed zullo and minniecon stretching perth, reminded me of the zullo/kruse injection last year...

what chance farina sticking with this front trio for the rest of the year? from past history he will, even if it breaks. he tends to stick for too long frank, know what I mean?

miller's strike was sweet, but you expect that from him...zullo's cross was a gem.

Trinidad was wonderful.

Pitch was an absolute disgrace, like telstra dome. Surely the scheduling could have been better!!

john said...

'what chance farina sticking with this front trio for the rest of the year? from past history he will, even if it breaks. he tends to stick for too long frank, know what I mean?'

Yep Frank says this is his approach in an interview on the Roar website.