Monday, November 10, 2008

Mitch Nichols - U19 super star

My mate Mitch. This year he hasn't had a run this year for the Roar. But against the toughest team in Asia, Korea...

I was feeling quite down this morning. Clayton had told me about the Packer dive. I hadn't seen it. I had re-watched the stuff that had concerned me from the match. It's a service I provide my mates given FIFA won't allow controversial events to be replayed at games. So the Tiatto foul - looked like he just scared the guy by jumping on the ball then that thug Fabiano ran into his back after the whistle, the Murdocca pen that was but wasn't called, the Zullo pen that may not have been ... that sought of thing.I hadn't bothered with the Packer incident. At the time it just seemed that Celeski poked Packer in the eye and should have been sent off or at least booked. Then my wife told me it was a dive and she'd seen it... jez Andrew we didn't even draw, it wasn't near the goal...

But then I nice surprise, I read the paper. My mate Mitch. The most down to earth teenager you'll meet, scored both goals to qualify Australia for the U19 world cup next year. This is a team with 5 Roars in it. Against Korea who Mitch told me had beaten Australia 4-0 last year. And Mitch's late goal winner - a bicycle kick. Come on Frank you know you like those goals, let's see Mitch v Perth.

Poor old van Dijk. It isn't his fault, seems either he was over-sold by his scout, or quite a few people made a mis-calculation about how tough it is in the A-League. Even feather-weight Michael Thwait out-muscled him in the game and consoled him afterwards.

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