Saturday, November 15, 2008

Craig Moore's Roar

The great strength of the Roar is the team environment. And Craig Moore has been Frank Farina's partner in the development of this team. Both Tiatto and Miller are at the Roar to support Craig and Frank. And their focus has been to build a team for the future.

As John Lennon warned before his untimely death, life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. The prognosis for Craig is very positive. He can still plan to be part of the 2010 world cup. The early detection of his testicular cancer will ensure a quick recovery. And we wish him well.

November and its Movember campaign reminds us that for men another cancer, prostate, can be as deadly as breast cancer is for women. But men are much less tuned into its dangers and slower to react. Further, depression affects people of all ages, sexes and backgrounds. And again has considerable stigma and slow reaction times for treatment.

Craig's disclosure reminds us to foster both a optimistic approach to life and to take responsibility for our health. That is something valuable to share from his experience. Now I am off to sponsor Neil and his Moe for Movember.

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