Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jets 1 v Roar 2: Squadran say: whowa whoo whoa

Both teams had 9 shots in the first half. But Newcastle only got one on target which was Joel's 7th goal in a row against the Roar. But it was way to early. Within a minute Van Dijk, near the left corner, had squared for Murdocca, who centred for McKay. And McKay cleverly stabbed the ball along the ground and straight ahead to have Covic go the wrong way. I even think it was on McKay's right foot, which would be his wrong foot. The left was happy hunting for the Roar as around 15 minutes later Murdocca chipped in for Smits to on head to Charlie Miller who had quietly slipped in behind the Newcastle defence on the right.

Just about all the action was in the first half. Murdocca was man of the match. He is leading the Courier Mail points table. And today he was both playmaker and prospective striker, drawing saves and hitting the inside of the right post. Charlie Miller popped up now and again and landed great passes, in the second half he ghosted in a few more time but his team mates where unable to provide him with quality passes. He came off in the 50s with his hernia playing up. He had done his job (could be a challenge in the heat against Melbourne next week).

Van Dijk had his best first half so far. Held off defenders and landed some great passes. He had a point blank header - straight at keeper Covic. He was quieter in the second half as the Roar sat back. He did win some great challenges. And had his best turn and shoot so far, but Covic was - again - on the ball.

Reddy had a busy game. And showed, despite the start to the season - which were not altogether his fault (against CCM at home 2-4) - he is capable of being a great keeper. He had one great touch over the bar from - I think - Joel Griffiths' head. Reddy played with his old support base the squadran - taking out Joel Griffiths in the first half and charging them in the second.

Adam Sarota got his first start. 10 minutes, chased some attackers, but no ball to see what he can do.

The Roar are now a point clear of CCM in 4th spot. If they were winning at home they would be 1st. If they can beat Melbourne next week, they will be a point ahead of the current leader. Whoo Whooo Whoo. That will be worth watching.


Anonymous said...

missed the game.

did smits start the game?

was murdocca over at right fullback?

pretty entertaining round from the sounds of it.


Ed Vegas said...

Mundy at right back. Murdocca played a bit wider on the right than usual(mundy did not come forward as much as Seo) and was much more effective than he has been recently I thought. Was a good game to watch. Although he did not score, Van Dijk must be winning you over a little john?

john said...

Yes Clayton
Perhaps this was the Roar's best game so far (Perth were poor in their 0-4 win). Yes Smits started. I don't think he is there yet but produced some good headers.

Ed it was Van Dijk's best game. But he wasn't up against say Adelaide's defensive monsters. But he disappeared in the 2nd half. It was funny to here Tiatto swearing to Van Dijk to hang onto the ball in the final minutes. And it seems to be a point, I don't recall Van Dijk dribbling the ball. There was also a good photo of Moore 'high fiving the Wellington skipper' in Full 90 when van Dijk went down injured. See for yourself - I wonder what that is all about?

Very strange that Jade North is openly saying he is leaving the Jets, probably to Nth Qld. The Roar have tried to get this former Brisbaner a few times.