Friday, February 15, 2008

Sorry... And thank you.


And thank you to Archie Thompson (the A-League's best striker over 3 years - carried Melbourne this season), Jade North (one of the league's best defenders - had to be given the Captaincy over Joel Griffiths to stay with Newcastle and not return to his old mentor Frank Farina) and Tahj Minniecon (the fastest and perhaps most skilled young find this year).

Can't wait to see the other indigenous players waiting to be found. Surely Townsville and the Northern Thunder will surprise us with a few. We need to get smart like the AFL and promote our game in Darwin. Even rugby league has tapped the rich talents from up north. And now we need your ability to run all day in the heat (for Asia and beyond).

Sorry for how we treated you and your families. Sorry for ignoring your prodigious potential and football talent.

And thank you.

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Anonymous said...


i think archie`s from NZ (just checked wikipedia, his mum`s from PNG).

yeah, there`s been a lot of lost opportunities for soccer with aboriginal australia.

charlie perkins was a hell of a player, but spoke too much so was never considered for the roos. at least, that is the story i have heard.

dave williams is another top youngster - he was with the roar for a full 5 minutes or something, wasn`t he? and he`s away from home in denmark. that is pretty impressive, for a lot of aboriginal kids leaving home is tough. let alone going overseas.

aboriginal communities for the most part have established sports- qld / nsw loves league, the rest love aussie rules. i hope soccer in oz tries to get involved in communities, give something back, not just finding new talent.