Sunday, February 10, 2008

CCM 3 - Jets 0, 3-2 aggragate as Jets tank at Singleton Park

Petrovski wants his 'King of Football' title back from Aloisi and Joel Griffiths, as he bags 2 including the decider in extra time. Just as well too as three serious injuries would have made it difficult for Central Coast to back up next week.

Joel Griffiths was very quiet all night with not much to do.

And Jets felt that they could give their new striker a go - Song from Korea. The trouble with Asian players is that they are paid so much at home that you don't get much for A-League money. Song is a right-sided playmaker who loves being involved. But so far hardly looks better than a raft of young A-Leaguers.

Football is a corporate sport in Korea, funded by the 4 major companies and the Moonies. Apparently.

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