Monday, February 25, 2008

CCM 0 v Jets 1: Miron recons he has 4

Four players from the final for the Gold Coast Galaxy that is.

Newcastle's win has probably saved that team from imploding and may have added pressure on Coast players. Although walking away from playing in Asia next year is a big call. Even Bridge, snubbed by Jets owner Con Constantine in favour of Mario Jardel for most of the season, is now indicating he may stay.

Going to Galaxy are Noel Spenser (Jets this year and CCM last), Andre Gumprecht (CCM), Andrew Clark (CCM) and possibly Tom Pondeljak (CCM).

NQ Thunder has been quiet on players and they may not make the FFA requirements next year - which will be a same - reducing the games and variety. If they do get up don't be surprised to see Sydney FC's Queenslanders pop up - Steve Corica (Innisfail) and Clint Bolton (Wide Bay) - the later is pure speculation on my part.

Expect 6 foreign players (a concession on the normal 4) including Simon Lynch from the Roar and ex-Roar defender from season 1 and 2 Remo Buess. Galaxy are also promising a Brazilian international midfielder within their cap (could it be Juninho?). Plus a superstar - Kanu? Plus a host of mid ranking A-League players. Gold Coast has the glamour of Sydney overseas.

On the match, it is an irony that Danny Vukovic's career is now in doubt for striking ref Mark Shield since the Jets year was made on the back of Joel Griffiths who - early in the season - punched an assistant and only got a yellow card, with FFA saying that there was nothing to be done as the ref had made a decision.

And how will the FFA handle Lawrie McKinna describing Mark Shield's decision not to give a last minute penalty as a 'mistake' when a similar comment on a Kevin Muscat hand ball resulted in a fine to Frank Farina. My guess is they will let it go as ensuring consistency in decision making is not how the FFA follows through.

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