Friday, February 01, 2008

Mariner's show how to do it

The Central Coast Mariners had shown other clubs how it is done. Criticising refs that is. In an amazing act of bravardo CCM are reported to be sending the FFA complaining about one of Australia's top refs, Matthew Breeze, implying bias or perhaps worse, and then leaking the letter to the press. They have shown the deft hand of public relations mastery. Other A-League coaches speak out in the heat of the moment and feel the heat and fines of the FFA, but CCM have found a way to cast real doubt on the game and get away with it.

'Central Coast officials will make a point of the club's remarkably poor record under referee Matthew Breeze when it asks for a "please explain" in the wake of the controversial loss to Newcastle Jets... have not won a game under Breeze in their past eight matches, five of them this season...' 'Not surprisingly, Central Coast officials, wary of upsetting FFA and earning a charge for brining the game into disrepute, refuse to be drawn publicly on the matter.' Ray Gatt 'Irate Mariners to blow whistle on final referee' The Australian 30 Jan 2008 page 16 Sport

Of course not, that's how it got in the paper.

The article also points out that the Mariners record under Australia's (and officially awarded by FIFA as Asia's) top ref Mark Shield. Further, that they have won all four games refereed by Peter Green this year. Now that makes me think it is Peter Green's games that should be investigated?

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