Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Silly Season: Hooray a year of football

The season is over. Long live the season.

If both NQ Thunder and GC Galaxy join for version 4 of the A-League, there will be 6 more rounds. That means the season will start on about 11 July - only 4 months away. If NQ Thunder don't meet the criteria, and I really really hope they do because Australian football needs a hot and humid playing field much more than anything else to practice for Asia, then the season will start at the beginning of August.

Either way, the pre-season is only 3 months away - whatever that will mean this year.

In between we will have both Melbourne and Adelaide playing in the Asian Championship and a number of Socceroo qualifiers.

Plus the junior pre-season is now underway. I wonder if the Queensland league will work?

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